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Partnership. Collaboration. Solutions.

Woodland caribou are a cultural and ecological icon of Alberta’s forests. However, they are also a threatened species and represent a significant conservation challenge. In response to this challenge, and to the additional challenge of managing woodland caribou across different ecological ecosystems, the Government of Alberta and the province’s forest sector formed the Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership (ARCKP) in 2018-2019. Together, we are committed to finding on-the-ground solutions that balance forestry activities with woodland caribou conservation. 

Funded by the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) through the support of 12 forestry companies in Alberta, the ARCKP has over $1 million per year for five years (2020-2025) to address region-specific knowledge gaps in woodland caribou ecology. The ARCKP is governed by a steering committee of government and industry representatives who oversee the allocation of ARCKP funds and guide the operation of the partnership. We work collaboratively with stakeholders to identify knowledge gaps and draw on the expert knowledge of our technical subcommittee to annually identify priority topics and projects for the ARCKP to fund. Members of the research and consulting communities are then invited to submit Expressions of Interest for projects that are delivered in close collaboration with the partnership.

The partnership is a forum between government and industry to discuss research outcomes, alternative practices and various implementation options. To further our commitment to knowledge sharing and getting important information into the hands of our practitioners, the ARCKP also funds a regular knowledge exchange program. This consists of high-quality, accessible science publications, infographics, learning seminars, workshops and more.

The ARCKP became an association of fRI Research in 2020. By leveraging the fRI’s efficient administration and exceptional research experience, the ARCKP is well-positioned to help Alberta’s forest sector find regional solutions that contribute to woodland caribou conservation.